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ON corporation is one of the leading players in the supply of "Branded Consumer Durables" to the retail sector.
We are one of the largest distributors of consumer electronics in the global market with our international brands and our in-house brands.

As digital display goes flat and slim, flat panel displays are at forefront of the digital revolution. We are producing full ranges of flat digital displays including new technologies including LED.
We bring these high technology devices to our customers at surprisingly affordable prices.

With highly motivated employees and managements, we provide the most competitive products and services today.

By offering products that are cutting-edge while user friendly.

We are committed to improve the quality of living with our range of products through continuous innovation and after-sales service. Every product is made with these features in mind to satisfy the need of every household.

Our mission is to provide consumers with innovative digital products that possess exceptional technology, quality, features, performance and value.

It is our goal to deliver a level of consumer service that exceeds your expectations. We are proud to produce intuitive products (things that are essential and hard to live without) that are not going to be obsolete tomorrow. We are here to serve you not only today but also tomorrow.

We value,:
Confidence to consumers and employees,
Empowerment to deliver our promises; and,
Enjoyment to life.

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  Dex Named to Manage Aftersales Service, Call Center, Parts and Reverse Logistics for RCA Television Products (06/01/2009) RCA TV Stocks Retail Shelves (01/05/2008)
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