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RCA originally stood for the Radio Corporation of America which was formed in 1919. Conceived as a "marriage of convenience" between private corporations and the U.S. government for the development of wireless communication, the RCA company soon grew in a different direction, becoming an innovative leader in broadcasting and entertainment products.

Since the first Graphic Standards Manual for RCA trademarks was published in 1965, RCA has represented a trusted name in electronics.

The RCA logotype, as it is known today, was created in 1968. Since its introduction, the logo has represented quality, reliability and innovation in consumer electronics. It is one of the most recognized marks in America. In fact, 99% of all U.S consumers are aware of RCA.

  Nipper and Chipper

Nipper and Chipper are mascot for RCA.

In 1899, French painter Francis Barraud painted his brother's dog, Nipper, inquisitively listening to the horn of an early phonograph. One year later, Nipper was appearing on Eldridge Johnson's first "talking machine."

In 1929, "His Master's Voice" trademark above was acquired by the Radio Corporation of America. It was the first appearance of a "mascot" for RCA. Nipper appeared on talking machine and records and appeared on millions of RCA victor Product. Nipper was retired from corporate literature in 1968, but was still used on products. In 1978, a modernized Nipper was introduced and incorporated in national television advertising.

Chipper was introduced in 1990 as a younger canine companion for Nipper. Chipper represents the youthful energy of RCA, which is always offering the newest innovations which capture the youthful spirit of awe and adventure.

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